Norma’s Beauty – The Fantastic Sound of a Town Hall Organ

Hans Uwe Hielscher, Dunedin Town Hall, New Zealand. Festival Prelude on ‘Ein’ feste Burg’; Meditation in G (Faulkes); Danse; Andantino (Bédard); Prelude on the ‘Londonderry Air’ (Rawsthorne); In the Mystic Land of Egypt; Rêverie dramatique, op. 23/2; In a Chinese Temple Garden (Ketèlbey); Spanischer Tanz (Moszkowski); Norwegischer Tanz in A, op. 35/2 (Grieg); Cantabile in F (Pasini); ‘A Rag’ (Bölting); Three American Folksongs (Hielscher); El dià de fiesta (Goemanne). CD ORG72112

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